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The business policy of "STARA FANIJA" D.O.O. is not to name its business partners, as it considers this “BUSINESS SECRET OF BUSINESS COMPANY”, but to present through the description of its objects to the future clients the fields in which it renders its services:

Building companies in the following fields:

Architecture, civil engineering, waterworks and sewerage, floor laying works with license in several EU countries, air conditioning, production of joinery, designing of roof structures, designing and making of thermal insulation, industrial flooring, quarries...

Companies dealing in import, export and sale:

Cars, building machines, spare parts for trucks.. paints and lacquers, textile, medicaments, sanitary equipment, PVC joinery, optical aids , measurement units, retail – wholesale trade , hydraulic equipment, sports racing motorcycles and motor equipment, wholesale in oil and lubricants

Companies in the field of agriculture:

Buying up of agricultural products, processing and storage of agricultural products, wholesale trade in meat and meat products , retail trade in meat and meat products


Organization of concerts, cultural clubs, choirs, citizens association, non-government organizations, dance clubs, sports clubs

The companies from IT and electrical industries:

Production of industrial software, production of software for small businesses, computer equipment, electrical equipment

Foreign representative offices from the following countries:

Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway, England, Russia, Ukraine, America, France, Tunis, Italy, Bosnian Federation, Montenegro, Germany

Service activities:

Marketing companies, Consulting companies, Real estate trade agency, Printing companies, Tourist agencies

Bank monitoring:

Processing of payment cards


Diplomatic consular represantative offices


Cinematographic companies, production companies, entertainment artists


Galleries, museums, antique shops

Catering comapnies:

Restaurants, cafés

Beautz care studios:

Hair studios, cosmetics studios, spas

Client satisfaction, promptness in operation, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as high quality of rendered services are an inseparable part of our company’s vision, as your expert and reliable business partner in the world of accounting services.
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