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Belgrade exchange

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  +381/ 11 2030-050            +381/ 11 2030-051
       +381/ 11 3284-519           
+381/ 11 2920-404
       +381/ 11 630-1431            +381/ 11 630-4963
  +381/ 11 2920-220       +381/ 64 9229-034


Financial operations including:

  • Accounting of employees’ salaries at employer’s request, whether the employment contracts are defined in currency values, or in dinar amounts, gross or net earnings, PPP forms and preparation of M 4 forms (annual forms delivered for the purpose of regulating the pensions) We have enabled within accounting sending of payment orders to  clients that are making payment by E-banking on “HALKOM” or “FX” programs,
  • Calculation of maternity leaves or sick leaves lasting over 30 days with mandatory communication with funds and taking of lists to be refunded,
  • Payments in dinars for clients by E-banking on more than five operative programs,
  • Foreign-exchange payments abroad by E-banking and maintaining the control and by justifying the documents with the foreign exchange authorities,
  • Cash dinar and foreign exchange operations with business banks,
  • Calculation of interest  in debit-credit relations,
  • Filling-in the DI-1 forms and sending them to the foreign exchange statistics,
  • Accounting  on the basis of all types of contracts  from forms OPJ-1 to OPJ-8,
  • Accounting of travel orders for the country and abroad,
  • Accounting of travel orders for company vehicles.

Client satisfaction, promptness in operation, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as high quality of rendered services are an inseparable part of our company’s vision, as your expert and reliable business partner in the world of accounting services.
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